From Pulsing Light Facades to Interactive LED Installations

 - Sep 10, 2014
The illuminated architecture examples illustrate the experiential effect of lighting. The lit-up structures, interiors and art installations aim to ignite the senses and are all great examples of sensory design.

Whether leading their visitor through a fantastical and conceptual environment or changing the image of an industrial environment, lighting has the power to transform one's perception of their environment.

Memorable examples from this list of illuminated architecture finds include Montreal's La Vitrine Culturelle building and Erick van Egeraat's redesign of the Incineration Line energy plant. While La Vitrine Culturelle's color-changing facade brings life to a quiet street corner, the Incineration Line's illuminated exterior adds warmth and charm to an otherwise industrial building.

Though seemingly ordinary, each of these buildings are transformed with life, becoming instant landmark spots within their communities.