A Pyramid at Nuits Sonores Translated Movement to Light

 - Jun 21, 2013
References: isthis.gd & psfk
Tracking the collective movements of an amphitheater full of people, a sculpture at this year's Nuits Sonores used the power of dance to light up a concert. Designers from design firm 'is this good?' collaborated with architects from 'Looking For Architecture' in order to create the interactive installation.

The firms chose to track the movements of people across a lit-up pyramid to determine the pattern of lights. The more vigorously that concert-goers danced, the more light they got to illuminate the show. Movements across the giant pyramid were automatically translated into light. The resulting lightshow was projected on a giant screen for everyone to see.

The creative teams used six Kinect cameras in order to look at people's movements. The cameras sent data to computers, which controlled the lighting and the screens.