DABURA Builds the Sankakudzukushi in Japan

 - May 26, 2014
References: & designboom
DABURA has constructed the Sankakudzukushi in Japan, using a triangle pattern on the facade to make it stand out.

The triangles used are actually a reflection of how the firm was forced to construct the building in a certain way. With only three sides to work with, the firm decided on the triangle shape, so added this theme into not just the overall look, but decided to add it to the patterning of the sides too. When the structure is lit up at night, these shapes stand out even more, illuminated from the inside out. During the day, the Sankakudzukushi building is actually quite dark on the outside, featuring a matte black hue with the triangles only slightly visible. During the evening the entire look becomes much more stunning to see. Photo Credits: designboom,