From 3D-Printed Mud Houses to Snaking 3D-Printed Homes

 - Jan 14, 2015
There are a number of examples of 3D-printed architecture, each of which is testament to how technology is making complicated and long-winded processes easier, quicker and better.

While 3d-printed architecture is not going to replace conventional architecture any time soon or indeed ever, it does have a wide variety of advantages. For one, buildings and structures built using 3D printers are a lot less labor-intensive as a machine -- the 3D printer -- is used to print out the various parts and components. Secondly, 3D printing guarantees a high level of precision and accuracy as components are being printed out by a machine which has been fed certain specifications.

This sort of architecture is particularly catching on in the area of prefab architecture, and is useful when you need to construct a structure at short notice.