The Design For a Home on Mars Allows Future Humans to Live in a Beehive

 - Aug 27, 2014
References: thingiverse & fastcoexist
According to Noah Hershberger, our future home on Mars resembles a beehive. The 3D product designer conceived the Queen B (Bio-Shielding) model, winning NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Makerbot challenge to design a bio-shielding dwelling for Mars.

The two bedroom two bathroom apartment is a hexagonal structure with modular compartments that can endure constant space radiation, extreme temperatures and frequent dust storms. In addition to basic appliances, the honeycomb-like building can be arranged to have rooms for a garden or 3D printer room. A heated water container would go underneath the apartment for central heating purposes while an air purification system would provide oxygen to the futuristic abode. Depleted uranium panels would be placed on the exterior walls to manage radiation, while the geometric wall shape diminishes heat loss inside.