From Beehive High Heels to Hive-Like Pavilions

 - Jun 11, 2015
These wonderful bee-inspired innovations come in a vast variety of items like high heels and workout shoes. There is something to be said about bumblebees from their attractive black and yellow stripes to their intricate hexagonal honeycomb beehives.

Inspiration from bees can be seen in many architectural forms. There are beautiful wall shelving units that add an interesting decor piece to living spaces. Then there are the full-blown bee-inspired innovations such as the beehive-like landmark structures that juts across the skyline of the United Arab Emirates.

Bees also make for wonderful branding and style inspiration. Boddington's draught uses the bee as the inspiration for its bitter beer can. There are so many ways to incorporate these lovely buzzing bees into almost every aspect or subject of design.