The Philips Urban Beehive is the Perfect Piece for the Budding Beekeeper

 - Feb 24, 2014
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The Philips Urban Beehive has a very specific niche, but just because it 's a specific product that doesn't mean design goes out the window. This modern beehive is perfect for the budding beekeeper who wants to tend to their own bees and make their own honey.

While bees are one of the biggest fears for many people, honey is also the most delicious thing any bug can make. Not everyone is cut out to be a beekeeper but the Philips Urban Beehive makes it very easy.

The hive features a glass encasement that allows for the hive to be inside the house. In order to get the honey out, all one has to do is pull on the smoke chain, which knocks the bees out temporarily and allows for some easy honey grabbing.