Ovvio Cupcakes Packaging is Structurally Inspired by Honeycomb Forms

It's more typical these days to see product wrappers that are disposable -- and better yet recyclable -- it isn't overly common, however, to come across anything like Ovvio Cupcakes packaging, which comprises a wooden case that can be used over and over again.

This design by Chelsea Stewart was inspired by its contents. The goods are sweet baked treats that have honey as an integral ingredient. To emphasize this particular tasty constituent, the designer looked to the beehive for inspiration. The geometric forms of honeycomb were adapted into a small tower of stacked prisms that Chelsea proposes constructing from small timber panels. These become irregular cubbies for the stashing of the individually wrapped Ovvio Cupcakes packaging cartons. The wooden box can be continually refilled with new desserts or used for another creative purpose later.