Artist Ren Ri Creates Artworks in a Biblical and Gambling Manner

 - Jul 16, 2014
References: weibo & thisiscolossal
There are many ways people can interpret the geometric beehive sculptures right off the bat. Gorgeous in as organic a way as possible, the honeycomb creations are housed in modern polyhedron and cube cases that contrast greatly with their abstract forms. Whether this is seen as a struggle between man and nature is left up to the viewer.

Yet there is more going on behind these geometric beehive sculptures than first meets the eyes. Created by artist and beekeeper Ren Ri, a queen is placed in a wooden frame before the rest of the hive is introduced. Contemporist reports that "he then rotates the sculpture every seventh day based on the roll of a die, an act that he says references the biblical concept of creation." But by adding an act of randomness, the sculptures take on more interesting shapes.