From Octopus Coffee Stands to Root Vegetable Ice Creams

 - Aug 31, 2014
A very common theme throughout the site's top August 2014 unique ideas is unusual food. The notion that people will eat anything today still stands. From deep-fried exotic insects to plant ice cream and vegetable-flavored alcohol, the choices for outlandish dishes are seemingly infinite.

David George Gordon -- also known as 'The Bug Chef' -- went beyond many people's comfort zones by deep-frying tarantulas from Texas creating the ultimate creepy-meets-crunchy meal.

Haagen-Dazs Japan is revolutionizing the way consumers interpret ice cream with its three new flavors inspired by root vegetables -- pumpkin, chestnut and sweet potato. The bizarre flavors are to be featured in the brand's limited-edition fall line.

Outside the realm of food -- but equally unique -- are the jail cell Airbnb rooms up for rent. Guests are required to stay for a minimum of two nights and not permitted to leave the room.

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