The Chui Offers Revolutionary Secure Access to One's Home

 - Jul 27, 2014
References: getchui
With Chui, our faces become secure, personalized and universal keys that unlock everything in the smart world. Forget logins, keys, phones, fobs, badges, passwords, and other barriers. What good is the "Internet of Things" if consumers do not have simple and secure access to it?" Chui makes your face your key. Every individual has a face that is entirely unique. It cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen. Our faces do not need to be recharged and they cannot be "borrowed" for an indefinite period of time. This simple solution is now accessible to everyone; Chui’s portfolio of proprietary technology has made facial recognition available to consumers at an affordable price point for the first time.

Chui:Home, Chui's first product to market, is an intelligent doorbell that uses facial recognition to make the front door a gateway to a connected home. Chui's technology can be proactively set to recognize individuals and perform tasks unique to them. It makes our homes safer and simplifies our experiences with evolving technologies when connected to smart devices.

Among other functions, Chui:Home, unlocks one’s front door and enables other connected home devices upon facial recognition.

Chui lets you focus on the things that matter, while enjoying higher levels of security, simplicity, and individuality. So remember to smile. That is the key to happiness, and with Chui, it will soon be the key to the smart world.