Heather Abbott Cleverly Disguises Loving Heartfelt Messages

 - Jul 17, 2014
References: etsy & psfk
Sometimes to really send a meaningful message, a person needs to get people's attention in a mean way; enter these deceptively offensive cards. Right off the get go, the greeting cards say something truly terrible about the receiver such as, 'You are awful,' 'You are just so old' and, the winner, 'I might pee on you.'

Yet once these deceptively offensive cards are opened, these once hurtful words are strung into a larger, nicer and more loving message about the receiver. Designed by Heather Abbott for FINCHandHARE, the greeting cards are relatively simple and direct, which matches the initial messages. With bold typography and bright colors, people will cherish these deceptively offensive cards for many moons to come.