- May 28, 2015
Decorative plant holders can add a personal touch to homes inside and out. Whether the season calls for a foliage-infused patio or a lovely interior burst of floral, one's dream planter can be purchased or hand-crafted.

There are many DIY planters that are as much fun to make as they are beautiful to look at. Reducing waste by reusing water bottles as planters is a terrifically eco-friendly art project. Planters can take multiple forms that might seem unusual but are quite genius. An example of an overlooked planter idea is a shoe. After shoes become too small or just too old, they can easily be re-purposed into plant holders. There are also self-water and low-maintenance holders so those with busy lifestyles can still enjoy the beauty of nature.

Incorporating useful and decorative plant holders into interior and exterior settings can be a simple art project or a high-tech innovative purchase.

From Recycled Bottle Water Planters to Charming Shoe Planters: