These DIY Dinosaur Planters by Mandy Crandell are Fiercely Fun

These DIY Dinosaur Planters are created by Mandy Crandell, a photographer, jewelry designer and "Something Monumental" blogger. The unique botanical accessories are a great way to display small plants or to spruce up a colourful kid's room.

These planters are both fun and easy to make! All you'll need for this creation is a plastic dinosaur, a small plant with soil, a utility knife and paint. After cutting out an opening on the dinosaur's back that is large enough to fit a plant, pierce holes in the figurine's belly in order to drain water.

Before displaying a plant, one has the option to paint their DIY dinosaur planter. Two or three coats are recommended for the piece though this step is optional. Whether leaving the figurines in their natural form or painting them a bold colour, the planters are a great way to add personality to any space.