The Cube Planter is a Block-Like Reservoir, Storing Water Outside the Soil

 - Mar 12, 2014
References: boskke & yankodesign
At once, the Cube Planter embodies the conventional form of a flower pot, while expressing itself in a fresh geometric fashion. This item comprises the typical flaring shell with a protruding brim, yet the material that defines it extends out and around to take the shape of a purist prism. It's as if it becomes its own transparent display case, creating a cool optical effect that leaves the dirt and roots looking like they're hovering.

Watering the Boskke Cube Planter is a bit different to the way you would usually do it; you don't actually pour liquid onto the earthy surface. Instead, locate a small hole in one corner of the box and fill it with H2O from there. The fluid's level will be obvious and help to indicate the greenery's hydration. A full cube will sustain stems, leaves and blossoms for a month.