The Plants of Gods Terrarium is Darkly Decorative

 - Sep 2, 2014
References: woawstore & hypebeast
Terrariums are becoming a staple in homes around the world for their beautiful arrangements and easy care system, yet they are also all looking very much the same; that is, unless a person invests in the Plants of Gods terrarium. Inspired by the Shiva the Hindu god as well as other sci-fi motifs, the Plants of Gods terrarium takes on the form of a cross-legged man with six arms. In place of a head, however, is the place for the plant itself.

Designed by Hong Kong artist and LMF bassist Prodip Leung in collaboration with toy manufacturers How2work, the Plants of Gods terrarium is available in two finishes: matte and glossy. Releasing in a limited edition of 200 pieces, each one comes with a tote bag.