The Onde Vase Looks Like the Frozen Moment of a Water Surface Up-Spout

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: mariedessuant
The Onde Vase will cause you to reconsider the meaning of the word "vase." You might usually associate it with a vessel that's sufficiently deep and wide to hold several flower stems securely. Accommodating just one short sprig, this example is unlike your usual amphora.

Marie Dessuant sculpted this stem holder from white enamelled ceramic, finishing it with a shiny glaze. It takes the horizontal dimensions of a perfect circle at 38 centimeters by 38cm and it remains quite flat most of the way across. As the smooth surface approaches the very center of the Onde Vase, however, the material begins to rise exponentially to a point. A small volcano-like feature invites the insertion of a single trimmed flower or little leafy stalk, as if it's just been plopped into the middle of a puddle.