The Eco Pot Combines Functions for a Hybrid Workstation Garden

 - Jan 14, 2015
References: kononenkoid & design-milk
Nothing brings life to a desk space like a bit of greenery, and this planter pen holder provides the perfect opportunity and setup. Since introducing more items to one's workstation often involves some hesitation, designer Julia Kononenko built in a solution for minimizing clutter.

The shallow wooden box has a modular design, with three quarters of the inner area taken up by a compartment for vegetation. With this, a custom L-shaped flower pot is included to help keep the timber material dry when the herbage is watered. The remaining quarter of the Eco Pot is intended specifically to hold writing utensils. This section is completely covered and treated to perforations, welcoming the placement of markers, pens, pencils, scissors and other slender office supplies. This planter pen holder can bring outdoors in, or encourage you to move your setup outside.