The Blob Vase Has a Supple Body of Colorful Silicone

 - Jan 10, 2014
References: officeoriginair
Vases tend to be synonymous with breakability, but the Blob Vase would be really tough to destroy. It still functions as a delightfully decorative object; however, it has not been made of the typical ceramic or crystal materials that embody great weight and fragility.

The Officeoriginair studio makes this lovely little item out of silicone, molding it into a shape that's reminiscent of a bicycle horn or a deflated balloon. The bulbous base has some slight textural ribbing that helps it to flatten out when it's full of water. Measuring about 16 centimeters tall, the Blob Vase can hold trimmed flower stems in singles and small bunches, leaning slightly beneath the weight of the blossoms. A range of bright color options gives the stem holder an extra sense of playfulness.