The 'En Verre et Contre Tout' Vase Perfectly Preserves Pretty Petals

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: cedricragot
When I looked at the 'En Verre et Contre Tout' vase, my first thought was of the scenes from the Beauty and the Beast in which the enchanted rose is delicately displayed within its glass case. The designer of this trio of pieces, however, was inspired by test tubes and other science laboratory vessels, and you can certainly see that expressed.

Cédric Ragot made every one of the three stem holders remarkably different, each with its own unusually elegant details. Tubes, pipes and trays surround the primary containers of the 'En Verre et Contre Tout' vases, designed to protect and present beautiful blossoms in different ways. One holds a few drops of water, another accommodates a couple of inches of liquid and the last one can completely immerse a little bouquet.