This Aquarium Planter Supports Fish and the Growing of Herbs Indoors

 - Jan 28, 2015
References: kickstarter
The beauty and efficiency of symbiotic relationships are delightfully demonstrated by this aquarium planter. To explain this product most basically, it is an fish tank combined with a herb garden, and each function works to support the other.

Called the Vegua Self-Cleaning Aquaponics System, this ingenious object creates a comfortabl home for your scaly pet and takes full advantage of the waste that he creates. Discarded matter is sucked up through the filter and finds its way into the watery soil beneath the greenery's roots. Bacteria processes the ammonia into nitrites and nitrates, which make for fertilizing plant food. Johan Manders' aquarium planter is thus capable of producing organic food at home, meeting a demand for pure and nutritious greens, made by interactive means.