Flux by Eric Brunt Changes Shape and Size with Every Step

 - Jul 23, 2014
References: bruntdesigns & core77
While the snowshoe has been radically updated since its days as a tennis racket look-a-like, these futuristic transforming snowshoes are something else entirely. Instead of statically increasing the surface area around the foot to allow the wearer to 'float' across the snow-covered surface, it shrinks when lifted and grown again when placed down on the ground.

Designed by Eric Brunt, the futuristic transforming snowshoes have appropriately dubbed Flux. By allowing them to fluctuate in size, people are able to maintain a more natural gait when walking. What makes the design interesting is the shape it takes on. When the foot is down, the surface is flat. When lifted, the surface becomes a three dimensional with a jagged geometric pattern that makes it look very impressive.