- Sep 1, 2014
Elegance, indulgence and sophistication characterize this collection of the top August 2014 design ideas. While the days are becoming shorter and the weather slightly cooler, consumers can make the most what's left of summer by booking a last-minute getaway and staying in either a minimalist beachside villa, a luxury powerboat or a cliffside mansion.

Architects and designers have mastered the art of marrying extravagance and simplicity. From clean lines to rooftop pools and modern pergolas, design is reaching new heights when it comes to elegance and finesse.

Another standout idea this month is the eyebrow-raising art exhibit in Japan. The museum is home to a giant toilet installation that welcomes guests to hop in -- while wearing a hat shaped like feces -- to learn about what happens after you flush.

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From Sleek Spanish Abodes to Towering Toilet Exhibits: