Giulio Musardo Weaves Himself into Fantastical Visual Narratives

 - Sep 25, 2014
References: flickr & mymodernmet
Nature self-portraits are often gorgeous in and of themselves, but 19-year-old Italian photographer Giulio Musardo takes them to the next level by adding a strong surreal element. Putting himself into fantastical visual narratives, his nature self-portraits show him interacting with bubbles, bees and even smoke. Whether floating in mid-air or clothed in nothing more than opaque vapor, the images will take people's breath away.

A growing presence on Flickr, these nature self-portraits resonate deeply with people of all walks of life. Musardo says, "Each one of my photos expresses a moment, a feeling that the mind processes through the use of pictures, like a parallel world where time stands still. My pictures are characterized by key elements. Small messages are often difficult and mysterious."