- Jan 11, 2015
The 2014 art photography trends point in the direction of challenging the norm, a concept that many artists and free-spirits tend to follow in order to encourage different perspectives. This year saw a particular focus on the idea of an ideal beauty standard as well as common stereotypes.

In regards to the former, the 2014 art photography trends included one woman's creativity to be photoshopped in the different beauty standards found around the world by various international designers. Another photoshoot compared an original image with a doctored one that was manipulated before the models' very eyes, which elicited a deeper response.

By taking on a social responsibility to help change the world, even if it is only in a small way, the 2014 art photography trends show that artists and designers are focused on making a difference. For more insight on how this might affect the new year, check out Trend Hunter's Top 20 Trends in 2015.

From Intimate Body Images to Documentary Trans Photography: