Margarita Kareva Captures Enchanting Worlds with Gorgeous Women

 - Aug 15, 2014
References: 500px & designtaxi
The magical photography of Margarita Kareva, a photographer hailing from Russia, will steal people's breath away. Full of fairy tale-like imagery that will bring to mind everything from Disney princess to the eerier stories of the Brothers Grimm, the images have a dark undertone that nevertheless enhances the enchanting qualities found in each still.

With the help of both props and Photoshop, this series of magical photography mainly takes place in forested surroundings. This makes the beautiful women starring in the magical photography series look as though they were real witches, nymphs and runaway royalty. Clad in gorgeous gowns full of rich colors or snow white details, they are often surrounded by animals, which really perpetuates the idea of magic. Overall, the magical photography is surreal.