Tim Walker Shoots Insanity for Love Magazine Spring/Summer 2014

No one can tell whether this Love Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 editorial is a fashion dream or a nightmare.

Legendary fashion photographer Tim Walker captures the couture definition of crazy in this wild decent into madness. A whole ten models pose for this peculiar pictorial. Some of the most well known being Natasha Poly, Edie Campbell, Nathalie Westling and Charlotte Free. They are all styled in ways that I’m sure scared them to look at in the makeup artist’s mirror.

The basic theme of this freaky Love Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 fashion shoot is porcelain figurines. The models were made up to look like jokers, Victorian ladies and old time sailors. Their clothing was made to have sheen on it which made it look solid. The faces were contorted in frightening ways. Some of the them even wore plastic masks to look even more creepy.