Jen Davis Explores Intimacy and Obesity in 11 Years

 - Oct 21, 2014
References: jendavisphoto & beautifuldecay
Jen Davis has collected over a decades' worth of self-portraits and compiled them into a book titled '11 Years.'

Davis explores issues of body image, desirability, love and insecurity in her work. Simultaneously deeply personal and totally universal, Davis' images are powerful, candid and honest. She strips away the artifice of our carefully constructed public image, daring to show private moments: trying to button up clothes that don't fit, lying in a lover's embrace, getting out of the shower.

Davis explains that the process was much like a self-seduction: "In the work what I kept returning to is: What is love? Am I loveable? Can someone find me attractive? [...] At home with mundane surroundings, I treated the camera as if it were my lover -- the camera desiring me, providing me the glimpse of what was missing in my life."