- Feb 28, 2014
These fashionable art features bring attention to designers’ and photographers’ greatest inspirations, the talented artists that came before them. While fashion can be considered an art form in itself, popular movements like Baroque, Pop Art and Surrealism are often referenced when creating clothing or bringing a vision to life on film.

While the last few years have embraced Warhol-inspired Pop Art images and opulent Baroque inspirations, more recent months have marked the return of urban street art and the bare minimalism and Modernists like Mondrian himself.

From Prada’s artistic frock runways to Vogue’s artist tribute editorials, these fashionable art features pay respect to their roots. The examples are a nod to the creative icons of our past and are proof that an artist’s legacy lives on long after they’re gone.

From Pop-Art Inspired Runways to Iconic Artist Tributes: