Doktor A's H.R. Giger Glasses are Inspired by Illuminatus II

 - Jan 1, 2012
References: spookypop & neatorama
Art is not a bad place to look for inspiration, as these unique H.R. Giger Glasses show. Inspired by the Swiss surrealist painter, sculptor and set designer H.R. Giger, the design of these sunglasses pays tribute to his painting titled Illuminatus II. The painting itself has a creepy, dystopian feel, while the glasses are simply quirky on their own since it takes the shape of a giant paperclip.

Doktor A. created the H.R. Giger Glasses for Shinji Nakako, who is the owner of Tomenosuke Gallery in Japan, after having a conversation about the artist during Designercon. Although Nakako would have to be very daring to actually wear it in public, the H.R. Giger Glasses could be the next big thing in fashion, especially if gifted to Lady Gaga as well.