- Aug 27, 2014
Following in the footsteps of famed artists like Salvador Dali and Renee Magritte, these surrealist photography examples play with their viewer's perception. Since photography's inception, artists have aimed to create surreal and whimsical images that can capture emotion and fantasy simultaneously.

These whimsical photo examples bring fantastical and conceptual themes to life and pay tribute to art greats that paved the way for a variety of image techniques many take for granted today.

Standouts from this list of surrealist photography examples range from the artful to the fashion-related. Memorable picks include artist Jesse Draxler's fragmented collages. The artist layers together images to create textural compositions and has had his work featured in countless publications.

Another example includes graphic designer Larissa Haily Aguado's mixed media pieces that merge human body silhouettes with the faces of household pets.

From Animal-Faced Portraiture to Whimsical Wonderland Imagery: