Stefano Bonazzi Creates Contemporary Surreal Imagery Using Computers

 - Feb 13, 2012
References: & whokilledbambi
When you’re looking through Stefano Bonazzi’s eclectic portfolio of images, be prepared to see metropolises on the backs of deer and business men sitting on park benches in the middle of the desert. The Italian artist is a self-professed surrealist and specializes in creating digital visuals that leave you in simultaneous awe and confusion over what you’re looking at. In fact, some of Bonazzi’s creations are entirely evocative of Salvador Dali’s paintings, which speaks of the high caliber work this Ferrara-based graphic designer churns out.

Each Stefano Bonazzi looks as though it’s a genuine photograph. This enhances the illusion of each bizarre concept as viewers’ eyes are processing the visuals as though it’s reality, but the mind knows that such things couldn’t exist in the tangible world.