From Makeup-Less Dolls to Tattooed Toys

 - Aug 6, 2013
There are thousands of ways Barbie has reinvented herself, but the featured ways that Barbie has been re-imagined are particularly unique. It's common knowledge that Barbie has had quite a bevy of high-paying and glamours careers, ranging from a doctor to a school teacher to a beauty pageant queen, but now her career isn't the only thing getting a massive makeover.

Tattoos, bald heads, major bling and purple hair are just a few of the looks that Barbie has sported recently. These looks have not only been created by Mattel, but also as artistic expressions and pieces of art by people all over the world.

One thing is for certain no matter if Barbie's next move is shovelling poop at the zoo or piercing her nose, she's led to a lot of inspiration and is the farthest thing from boring.