The Mattel Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie is Inspired by the Pop Icon

While it's surprising that Mattel hasn't teamed up with cultural icon Lady Gaga to date, the new Mattel Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie is certainly a step in the right direction. Their newest Gold Label collector doll was designed by Bill Greening. The galactic glamor doll is sporting a metal corset with a dramatic cape, with some extravagantly accessories including thigh-high platform boots only fit for the pop princess.

The over-the-top fashion of the Barbie is not just reflective of current outrageous fashion that is making its way onto the runways as a result of Gaga's trendsetting styles, but also of the future of fashion inspired by other worlds. The exclusive collector Barbie is running at $100 and only 4,200 were made in the US.

Implications - With the rise of technologically enhanced toys, fewer parents are investing in the generic, simplistic toys that children of generations past were accustomed to. In order to remain relevant in the toy market, companies that produce these once timeless toys that seem organic to the consuming public are adding twists and features that make the toys culturally relevant and enticing to children and parents alike.