From Realistic Teen Dolls to Adorable Rapper Barbie Dolls

 - Mar 12, 2014
These modernized Barbie dolls are creatively showcasing just how far this classic toy icon has come over the years in terms of visual aesthetics and overall consumer appeal.

While the original Barbie doll was very simplistic and straightforward in its marketing technique, changes in modern technology, opinions and belief have transformed this classic female character into a much more intriguing toy concept. Over the years, Barbie has evolved into a character that participates in multiple careers, lifestyles and cultures, seeking to create a more diverse and widely relatable child's toy. From dolls that represent empowering icons within society to those that are modelled after celebrity superstars and movie actors, these modernized Barbie dolls have become a fantastic representation of how pop culture and mass media have served to influence consumer demand.