The 'Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Doll' Captures What Charmed Richard Burton

With all the hype around Richard Burton's personal memoirs being released, Mattel has come out with a timely 'Elizabeth Taylor' Barbie Doll. There are two versions being released: one where the doll is adorned in a black gown and one in a white dress. Robert Best is the designer behind these high-class Barbie dolls.

The dolls share the incredible grace and elegance Elizabeth Taylor was known for. The doll captures her exquisitely beautiful violet eyes, which Burton so dearly loved. According to If It's Hip, It's Here, the sketches for the dolls were approved by Taylor herself.

She's looking as fashionable as ever and dressed to the nines with gorgeous clothes and jewelry. Another nice add on is a red AIDS ribbon pinned to her dress, which she was known for actively fighting to find a cure for.