- Dec 4, 2013
These exciting gifts for Barbie collectors will definitely delight anyone who grew up playing with these fun and stylish figurines as children.

When it comes to iconic children's toys, the Barbie brand has become one of the most popular and recognizable plastic toys on the planet. Mostly targeted toward a youthful female demographic, Barbie figurines allow girls to play dress up and re-enact scenarios with cute and stylish toys. These unique gifts for Barbie collectors offer adults the chance to reminisce about their iconic childhood days by adding some Barbie-inspired memorabilia to their collections. From girly gadget cases to real-life Barbie luggage and fashion designer dolls, these gifts for Barbie collectors will surely satisfy anyone who admires this classic children's toy.

From Iconic Doll-Inspired Ensembles to Girly Gadget Cases: