- Jul 16, 2015
Barbie has changed since a lot since her start in 1959; since then the iconic plaything has undergone various makeovers which have resulted in a collection of non-traditional Barbie dolls. While the blonde beauty will always be loved and appreciated as she is, these dolls are just as welcomed.

Over the years, Barbie has gotten endless ridicule for portraying a very unrealistic body type. Such dolls as Nickolay Lamm's Real Barbie Doll transforms the posh plaything to display a more realistic and body positive image. Barbie has also been scrutinized for always playing the pretty princess afraid of getting her hands dirty whereas the 'Catching Fire' Katniss Barbie is an arrow-shooting heroine.

These non-traditional Barbie dolls also include celebrity-themed dolls such as the Nicki Minaj, Amy Winehouse and Jennifer Lopez Barbie.

From Collaborative Outdoorsy Dolls to Realistic Teen Dolls: