Nerf Rebelle Series Bring the Action to a Different Demographic

 - Feb 28, 2014
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Nerf is bringing a set of archery toys (and other toys as well) to the market under the name of Rebelle. Hasbro and Nerf specifically don’t usually take aim (pun intended) at the female population, but the new set of toys is bringing the action to the girls.

While the toys Nerf creates aren’t as whole-heartedly gender specific as toys like Hot Wheels or Barbie, there is still a slight aim towards young boys. Nerf Rebelle, however, is bringing up a big point for gender in children with this new set.

The discussion for gender neutrality in children has led to toy companies being more sensitive to the topic and this is the culmination. The toys aren’t simply girly recreations of more masculine toys, they’rs cool and fun standalone products that just happen to be targeted to girls. Now every young girl can do their best Katniss Everdeen impression.