From Presidential Action Figurines to Latina Disney Princesses

 - Jun 19, 2015
These idols for girls range from curvy fashion bloggers to female presidential candidates. More than ever before, young girls are learning the importance of their voice at an early age, leading toy manufacturers to re-think the way they market and design their products.

As consumers' desire for female-empowering products increases, the market is also seeing an abundance of toys that celebrate women. These include superheroine action figures and diversity-promoting dolls along with Latina Disney princesses that educate young girls about Hispanic culture.

Moreover, a focus on girl-focused engineering and science kits is on the rise among toy brands who wish to end gender stereotypes with their products. While this list's toys celebrate diversity, its media influencers include television stars and fashion bloggers who encourage girls to feel comfortable in their own skin. Overall, these idols for girls encourage individuality and self-worth while illustrating the changing face of gender perceptions.