Maria is An 18" Latina Doll Made By the Pattycake Doll Company

 - Feb 9, 2015
References: pattycakedoll
'Maria' is a Latina doll offered by the Pattycake Doll Company. This 18" doll is one of many so-called multicultural dolls offered by the company, which has created dolls for over 31,000 kids.

Maria is described as having "whiskey brown skin, warm brown eyes and straight black hair." This beautiful Latina doll represents great value, as it comes with two additional doll outfits.

This isn't just a case of political correctness gone next-level, it's merely a matter of creating toys that are more representative of the world around us. When I was a kid, action figures and dolls pretty much depicted white characters. These days however, there's a greater awareness among toy manufacturers -- both big-box and boutique -- that toys and dolls need to represent a wider segment of the population.