From DIY Drone Kits to Redesigned Puzzle Boards

 - May 5, 2016
With the rise of maker culture, 3D printable entertainment has become the go-to option for those who like to experiment with new technology in a hands-on way. With so many tutorials to choose from, there are projects designed for all skill levels.

Despite the fact that 3D printing is a futuristic form of technology, many consumers are using their 3D printers to create low-tech games and toys. Indeed, many classic games such as checkers, chess and pinball are gaining newfound popularity thanks to 3D printing. Even games such as Dungeons and Dragons has been improved due to tutorials that allow players to print their own game pieces at home.

On the other hand, many examples of 3D printable entertainment refer to high-tech projects that make it easier for consumers to experiment with new technology at home. For instance, there are a number of tutorials for creating DIY gaming consoles out of 3D-printed pieces and Raspberry Pi computers. The same is true for robot toys that introduce children to STEM through the use of 3D printable kits.