This 3D-Printed Chess Set is Like a Playable Miniature Garden

 - Aug 25, 2015
References: xyzworkshop & mymodernmet
Anyone with a green thumb can now add a little garden variety to their board game with this 3D-printed chess set where each individual game piece also doubles as a miniature planter.

Designed by the XYZ Workshop, the 'MicroPlanter Chess Set' consists of a series of 3D-printed chess pieces that can hold a small herb or plant depending on the user's preference. Adding to the board's uniqueness, the chest set's pattern is also downloadable online, which lets anyone with their own 3D printer make custom game pieces in a variety of different colors and materials as well.

Included with the set is a thin portable chess board skin that can also turn any flat surface into a potential game board, letting you can take your combination game and garden on the go with you.