From Hyper-Realistic Villain Dolls to Toddler Toy Rental Services

 - Jan 3, 2015
These 2014 toy trends range from hyper-realistic villain dolls to toy rental services that are both sustainable and cost-effective. If you're a fan of LEGO, toy rental services are making a business out of previously used building blocks. These services offer toy loans and allow consumers to keep building blocks for a temporary time period.

In addition to toy rental services, intricate toy craftsmanship is at an all-time high. Hyper-realistic pop culture characters, lifelike animals and 3D-printed selfies are all examples of the toy industry's heightened focus on realism.

Moreover, collector's items are regaining popularity as artists begin to customize store-bought products. From realistic body image dolls to collapsible action figures, these 2014 toy trends are evolving based on social changes and technological innovations.

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