The Dumb Ways to Die Characters Come to Life as Plush Toys

Considering the nature of some of the accidents the Dumb Ways to Die characters go through time and time again, they could probably use a hug. But the cartoon characters from the viral 2012 video promoting public safety around trains have only existed in 2D — now, a line of Dumb Ways to Die plush toys has been introduced, making it much easier to give the character some much needed TLC.

The plushies range from pocket-size charms to large 30" plush toys and it includes Dumb Ways to Die characters like the green one who gets bitten in the eye by a snake, the blue one with its hair set ablaze and the yellow one, chomped in half after provoking a bear with a stick.

Even though the original Dumb Ways to Die video is now several years old, the campaign kept up the speed in 2013 with a playable app and a train ad for Christmas.