- May 28, 2015
While miniature robots and app-controlled playthings may be on the rise, there is still a growing demand from consumers for simple tech-free toys that allow children to embrace their imagination. Made from minimalist materials and featuring straightforwards designs, these timeless toys prove that children don't necessarily need the latest high-tech products.

For boys, there are a number of tech-free toys that are heavily focused on building. For example, there are home-inspired wooden building blocks, cardboard architecture kits and paper-based medieval toys, all of which offer boys the possibility of building their own creations from simple and uncomplicated materials.

For girls, these tech-free toys offer creative and artistic options that go beyond traditional plastic dolls. Some of the most innovative toys for girls are empowering coloring books, DIY paper doll crafts and miniature felt garden play sets. Despite their simplistic design and lack of smart technology, these tech-free toy options for girls are extraordinarily imaginative and highly educational.

From DIY Paper Box Puppets to Wooden Coloring Books: