This Velociraptor Soft Toy is Scientifically Accurate

 - Sep 6, 2014
References: kickstarter
This adorable Velociraptor soft toy is the latest addition to the 'palaeoplushies' series of plush dinosaur toys developed by UK toy-maker Rebecca Groom, who specializes in creating realistic soft sculpture dinosaurs.

What separates this toy from other plushie velociraptors is its accurate depiction. The toy takes into account the latest scientific knowledge on velociraptors, which contradicts the way the dinosaurs are often depicted. This particular one is fully plumaged, with feathered wings and a fanned tail, and lacks the pronated hands found in popular velociraptor depictions.

Groom has taken to Kickstarter to raise crowdfunded monies for production of her Velociraptor soft toy. The campaign looks set to surpass its fundraising goal. A pledge of $49 will secure you a plushie velociraptor once its ready for shipping.