From DIY Caviar-Capped Kicks to DIY Superhero Stilettos

 - Jun 3, 2015
With these DIY pumps, it has become much easier to personalize your shoes. These projects range from fairly easy crafts to moderate difficulty.

DIY pumps such as the 'Brit & Co.' slingbacks feature a lace-up detail that is easy to apply. This personal touch adds an on-season decal that can be worn from day to night. Fringe-featuring DIYs add a fun touch to any pair of pumps and can also pair with any festival fashion accessories. Other examples of DIY pumps include geometric-patterned pumps and bedazzled heel accents for pumps that exhibit easy-to-apply embellishments. Lastly, handmade sci-fi heels make for a geeky project any Star Wars fan can enjoy.

These projects are the perfect way to personalize or upcycle any pair of pumps