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Appealing to children and adults alike, toys have a way of striking up a sense of excitement and nostalgia. Offering the latest in children’s entertainment, educational play and toy innovation, Trend Hunter’s toys category will bring you the most cutting edge trends in consumer play.
In-Store Barista Figurines
In-Store Barista Figurines
Starbucks' Playmobil Figurines Will Be Handed Out with Select Drinks
Starbucks’ Playmobil figurines will be handed out with select drinks for a limited time in Korea. While lockdowns continue throughout the world, many are looking to the little things in life... MORE
Virtual Toy Fairs
Virtual Toy Fairs
Funko is Hosting Its First-Ever Funko Fair to Share New Products with Fans
Funko is kicking off 2021 with an inaugural virtual toy fair that gives fans and partners a look into the newest products across brands like Vinyl, Soda, Paka Paka and Loungefly. The first-ever... MORE
Flower Bouquet Model Kits
Flower Bouquet Model Kits
The LEGO Flower Bouquet Creates Colorful, Everlasting Decor
Tending to a delicate bonsai tree is an art and the LEGO Flower Bouquet makes it easier and as satisfying to sculpt intricate plant art. The flower bouquet model kit is designed to help people relax... MORE
20 DIY Toy Gifts
20 DIY Toy Gifts
From Imaginative DIY Robot Toys to DIY Glitter Domes
These DIY toy gifts range from imaginative DIY robot toys to DIY glitter domes. Encouraging creativity and hands-on play, these toy kits address parents’ growing concerns surrounding too much... MORE
Darkly Sci-Fi Toys
Darkly Sci-Fi Toys
The Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX Elite Lightsaber is High-Quality
The Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX Elite Lightsaber is a new offering from Hasbro that is targeted towards avid fans of the Disney+ show The Manadalorian to offer them a more authentic way to... MORE
Editorial Barbie Makeup
Editorial Barbie Makeup
Sir John Collaborated with Barbie Style on Six Looks
Barbie, an icon of fashion and beauty, has had many looks over the years and now people can appreciate the finer details of her style thanks to a new Barbie makeup collaboration with renowned makeup... MORE
Crystalline Cactus Cultivation Kits
Crystalline Cactus Cultivation Kits
The Magicactus Kits are Easy to Set Up and Grow
The Magicactus Kits are a DIY solution for children and adult alike that will enable them to grow their very own crystalline cactuses from home. The kit works by having the crystal packets dissolved... MORE
Abstract Artistry Card Games
Abstract Artistry Card Games
This UNO Artiste Deck by Nina Chanel Abney is Contemporary
The latest UNO Artiste card deck has been unveiled by Mattel with the artwork of Nina Chanel Abney in a move that will offer discerning players with a way to enhance the experience with the iconic... MORE
Montessori Tech
Brands use classic learning methods to teach various tech concepts to children
Trend - The Montessori method is a research-backed educational approach that encourages early childhood development through self-directed, hands-on activities and collaborative play. Brands are combining this trusted method of education with tech-forward concepts to create a balanced learning experience that is also age-appropriate.
Workshop Question - How could your brand balance between traditional approaches and digital environments?
Customizable Contemporary Dollhouses
Customizable Contemporary Dollhouses
The Plan Toys Modern Dollhouse is Sold in a 20-Piece Set
The Plan Toys Modern Dollhouse is a design-conscious, wooden toy that encourages creativity and customization. The product is sold in a 20-piece set, including miniature furnishings and home... MORE
Limited-Edition Masked Dolls
Limited-Edition Masked Dolls
The L.O.L. Surprise! MGAE Cares Doll Supports Children's Hospitals
The L.O.L. Surprise! MGAE Cares Frontline Hero doll is a special edition creation that sports a white lab coat and a mask to help kids understand the current state of the world. The doll also comes... MORE
Collectible Barista Figurines
Collectible Barista Figurines
Starbucks Korea Collaborated with Playmobil on Figurines
Playmobil collaborated with Starbucks Korea to create a limited set of uniformed barista figurines. Each figure is dressed in a signature outfit and sold as a set with one of six tall-sized... MORE
Pet Adoption-Themed Toys
Pet Adoption-Themed Toys
Crate&Kids' Goldendoodle Stuffed Animal Adoption Set is Easily Washable
Crate&Kids’ Goldendoodle Stuffed Animal Adoption Set encourages imaginative and hands-on play and aims to cut screen time—a challenge for many parents looking to keep children busy... MORE
Pretend Play Garden Toys
Pretend Play Garden Toys
Crate&Kids' Felt Garden Set Includes Felt Veggies, Soil and Worms
Crate&Kids’ Felt Garden Set is a hands-on toy that educates children about food cultivation and produce farming. The pretend play is sure to result in hours of imaginative play and... MORE
Chess Player-Themed Figurines
Chess Player-Themed Figurines
Funko to Debut New 'The Queen's Gambit' Figurines
Funko recently announced the launch of a new set of figurines based on the popular Netflix mini-series, ‘The Queen’s Gambit.’ The three figurines include Beth Harmon at three... MORE
Magical Pet-Paired Barbies
Magical Pet-Paired Barbies
Mattel's New 'Barbie Extra' Comes with a Tiny Pet Unicorn
‘Barbie Extra’ is a new doll release from Mattel that offers a bold twist on its classic Barbie designs, with the fashion-savvy character outfitted in a bright faux fur coat, pearl... MORE
Retro Game LEGO Expansions
Retro Game LEGO Expansions
The 'Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge' Boasts Super Mario Characters
Those looking to expand their LEGO creations to include some more challenging builds that will introduce new elements of interactive play may find what they’re looking for in the ‘... MORE
Musician-Themed Board Games
Musician-Themed Board Games
David Bowie Monopoly Features a Range of Themed Accents
Avid fans of the namesake musician are likely to welcome the arrival of the David Bowie Monopoly board game as a way to help his legacy live on in a new way. The board game features a total of six... MORE
Dueling Palindrome Games
Dueling Palindrome Games
Tacocat Spelled Backwards is a Tabletop Card Game for Two
Tacocat Spelled Backwards is a brand-new card game for two that combines strategy and luck, and challenges players to get Tacocat closer to their side of the board. The new dueling card game comes... MORE
3D-Printed Snowman Kits
3D-Printed Snowman Kits
Sugar Labs' Playful Three-Piece Snowman Set is Made from Printed Sugar
Building a snowman relies on snow that’s just the right consistency but there’s no need to wait for the cooperation of winter with Sugar Labs’ three-piece snowman kit. A single kit... MORE
30 Educational Toy Gifts
30 Educational Toy Gifts
From DIY Microscope Kits to Connected Play Mats for Toddlers
With more parents trying to curb screen time to help ensure their kids develop important skills, these educational toy gifts are perfect for those looking for an interactive experience that youth of... MORE
Cutesy Collaboration Digital Pets
Cutesy Collaboration Digital Pets
Tamagotchi Hello Kitty Brings the Cartoon Cat to the Digital Pet
The Tamagotchi Hello Kitty is a new collaboration toy that brings the namesake cartoon cat to the digital pet in a way that will enhance the experience and integrate a new kind of functionality into... MORE
Versatile Game-Building Kits
Versatile Game-Building Kits
EnigmaBot Lets Kids Create Their Own Modules and Play Games
EnigmaBot is a creative game-building kit that allows for endless play, with each one able to be built in various different ways so that users can play music and arcade games, as well as FPS. Kids... MORE
Meaningful Intimate Card Games
Meaningful Intimate Card Games
We're Not Really Strangers Dives Deep Into Connections With Friends
We’re Not Really Strangers is an intimate card game developed by Koreen, a model and artist based in L.A. The game was designed to empower meaningful connections with others and features three... MORE
Ghoulish Operation Board Games
Ghoulish Operation Board Games
The Nightmare Before Christmas Operation Game is Interactive
Fans of the original Operation board game are sure to be intrigued by the new The Nightmare Before Christmas Operation Game that offers a spin on the classic pastime. The game is themed with the... MORE