Haileymarley's Plush Bowling Pins Take Inspiration from Cute Land & Sea Life

 - Sep 5, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
Each set of the handmade plush bowling pins that are sold in the 'haileymarley' Etsy shop borrow inspiration from a different grouping of animals, making them a fantastic way to encourage both physical activity and learning.

The adorable bowling pin sets include pins designed after ocean creatures, farm critters and woodland animals. The 7" pins are able to stand thanks to a small bean bag that's been sewn into the bottoms of each toy. Each pin has a given name, making the plush toys something kids will want to keep hold of even after a round of bowling is complete. The sets of four pins come with a soft ball, and some variation is to be expected in the designs, since each set is made to order and may change based on the fabrics available.